Mailvox: Why would you think that?

Rhone writes: think it would be very interesting to see WND’s response to a column like that. Prediction: they won’t like it; moreover, they won’t like it Big Time.

Manatee adds: No way will WND allow him to write that piece.

Sure they will. They’ve only ever refused to publish one column of mine, on the close etymological relationship between a homosexual slur and a political ideology, and they were probably right to do so. I’d be shocked if they demurred or even commented in any way on a column about the voting electorate.

That being said, there’s only one way to find out. If someone can email me the results of the post-1920 presidential election results broken down by sex, I’ll write it. I bet I can not only make a case for it, but one with which many women will agree as well as presenting an alternative that even outraged feminists will find hard to refute.