Speaking of women in politics

Nancy Pelosi spoke on Meet The Press: “I made that statement that I did, and I think with great courage, if I might say about myself, because I am worried about the troops on the ground in Iraq or wherever our troops serve.”

The most powerful woman in American politics thinks she’s got great courage criticizing the other party’s foreign policy because she is vaguely worried about the troops, wherever they might happen to be. (It’s too bad Russert didn’t ask her where else she thought they were; that could have been funny.) She probably couldn’t face the obstacle course at boot camp without crying, forget the nasty, irregular guerilla warfare the troops are currently facing in Iraq. Great courage, mm hmmmm….

It’s strange, but women in front of a microphone cannot seem to resist the urge to talk about themselves. I, I, I, I, I. Margaret Thatcher, one of the few public women I admire, was a notable exception to this, as she discussed ideas, not how she felt about ideas.

Nancy Pelosi. Hillary Clinton. The prosecution could easily rest on that evidence alone.