Mailvox: Run away, run away!

DY writes: “Spiting Their Pretty Faces”. I agree with you 100%. Keep up the excellent work. We need more men like you….. I’ve always argued that today’s women are unrealistic in their criteria for men. The problem isn’t a shortage of good men (as Oprah preaches), but today’s women’s failure to recognize good men and give them a shot. Like your article points out, most intelligent men avoid today’s feminist-indoctrinated women like the Black death of the middle ages.

Have you noticed Hollywood’s latest obsession. It’s the older woman/younger man relationship. Case in point, Demi Moore/Aston Kirchner. Talk shows, women’s magazines, and websites flaunt it with the usual in your face so popular with feminists…. Here’s something I’ve noticed more and more as I’m out and about:

1. Older women dressing like kids. They look ridiculous.

2. Older women trying to pick up much younger men. I’ve talked to 20-something guys being hit on by women in their 40s-50s.

3. Mother/daughter tag teams. The 20 something daughter lures men to their table then pawns them of on her middle age mother.

I tend to agree with this, as I’m frequently astonished by the failure of many women to appreciate the countless good qualities of the Perfect Aryan Male, who is a gentleman, wealthy and intelligent to boot. He has told me several times of being aggressively hit on by women 10 to 15 years older, towards whom he has never sent the slightest signal of interest. I think this smacks of a sad desperation, more to be pitied than mocked, except that they are being held out as role models for the 20- and 30-something crowds, some of whom appear to be headed for precisely the same fate.

The first time around, it’s tragedy. The second, it’s just farce.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that a number of the women of my acquaintance who married in their late-20s and early 30s married men of superficially lower quality than the men they were dating, (and in many cases rejecting), in previous years. This isn’t uniformly true, and my memories are too hazy to make a strong assertion in this regard, but that’s the general impression I have.