Set the schools on fire, not the students

A 13-year-old Denver girl said she was threatened with a knife at her middle school and her hair was set on fire, yet she was the one who was told to stay home for the remainder of the school year while her alleged attacker wasn’t suspended or even investigated. Courtney Glowczewski has a small right arm and leg because of cerebral palsy, a disability that her teachers say has not kept her from working hard in school and being a good student…. But her physical appearance has made her a target of taunting and of physical attack, which she said has never been addressed by the administration at Martin Luther King Middle School. Last week, she said the bullying got worse when she said she was threatened and assaulted by a seventh grade boy.

There’s your pack mentality at work. I’m guessing that the boy ranks rather low on the totem pole, and scenting a victim, took advantage of the opportunity to score a few cruel points to ensure that he stayed on the abusers side of the fence instead of the abused.

It’s amusing to me that the school systems work so hard to try to get homeschoolers in school, and yet anyone determined to get out of the system could arrange to get sent out of it in a heartbeat. Granted, it’s a little harder now that they kick out the victims instead of the perpetrators, but it’s still doable.