Just asking for trouble

A book by three current and former U.N. employees about peacekeeping operations portrays wild parties with alcohol and drugs, and convicts and mental-asylum inmates passing as soldiers. Embarrassed U.N. officials have threatened firing or other disciplinary action against two of the authors, Heidi Postlewait and Andrew Thomson. U.N. rules bar employees from writing about their work without approval, which had been denied in this case.

Right, let’s turn Iraq over to the UN. Whether your beliefs are driven by the priority of human freedom or geopolitical stability, you should be able to see that the UN would ensure complete disaster. I’d rather see us hand the keys to Saudi Arabia, Iran or Hezbollah. Five randomly selected Iraqi teenagers would be a wiser choice.

Remember, human rights under article 27 of the UN’s declaration of human rights are only held at the pleasure of the UN.