I confess, I’m bemused

I’m not jealous of Ben Shapiro’s success with his new book, BRAINWASHED. I’m quite pleased that WND has another hit on their hands, and I’m happy that they’re going to do well with it. I have to admit, however, that I’m more than a little puzzled by the whole thing.

You may recall that WND Books rejected my book MURDER because the notion that governments have a strong tendency to kill their own people was, in the words of one executive, preposterous. MM-kay…. That was actually the third book proposal they rejected, which is why I’ve abandoned any plans to write non-fiction for the time being. Personally, I thought that SCREWING THEMSELVES, a book on how women sabotage their lives and relationships from a male perspective, would have been an interesting and controversial read, but I now have serious doubts about my ability to understand the book-buying crowd.

You see, I can’t imagine why anyone would buy BRAINWASHED. Not because Ben isn’t a good writer, but its premise is on the order of proving that water is wet or the sky is blue. But then, BIAS did pretty well too, so clearly, this sort of thing sells. Look for my next book, OXGYEN, devoted to explaining its vital importance to humanity and the global economy.