Mailvox: no camera can hold him

Tonya’s spousal unit writes: I vote NO on the Vox picture thing. We already know that he can lift a bus with his pinky and leap tall buildings, etc. We already know that there are no super-models left that have not been notched on his bedpost…(prior to meeting SpaceBunny of course)… and that he can fold space with his awe-inspiring intellect.

That’s space-time, do try to get the details straight. As for the rest, the reason there are no other pictures of me is that special cameras are required, along with a particle accelerator. I’m not a vampire per se, but as I have not emerged from my lair for lo, these many years now, I have apparently evolved the ability to blend seamlessly into the background.

It’s a theory, anyhow. It might just be that my snowy complexion merges insensibly with the white walls, I’m not sure. What kind of doctor do you consult when your image begins mirror-fading?