Mailvox: they don’t want Bush either

Franger writes: Vox your article makes the simple and flawed assumption that since you are a ‘christian’ libertarian, the left does not share your views, and neither does GWB, therefore GWB is left and it is stupid of the left not to realise this. But GWB’s governance is not of the left, it is crony capitalism. As a left/liberal I can realise that GWB doesn’t conform to the ideals of many of his own supporters, but that doesn’t put him in my camp.

I’m glad to hear that the American Left no longer supports a vast increase in federal spending and central government power. It’s wonderful that they are not interested in establishing new federal entitlements. I’m pleased to hear that they abjure the handing over of national sovereignty inherent in LOST. I think it’s great that they are no longer interested in having the US act as the military arm of the pretenders to global governance known as the United Nations. Oh, wait, they do support all that, don’t they….

Granted, the tax cuts aren’t a left/liberal’s cup of tea, but even the secular socialist saint John Maynard believed that taxes should be cut as spending is ramped up in times of economic slowdown. Personally, I suspect that if George Delano would declare that he doesn’t really believe in all that Jesus nonsense and start making overtures to the baby-killing crowd, the left would warm to him in a heartbeat. The far-left only doesn’t like the Iraqi occupation because it is the US who is nominally doing the occupying. Once Iraq gets turned over to the global centralists, they’ll argue that we should be funding it down to our last tax dollar.

And left-liberals are warming to George Bush. They call themselves 9/11 Democrats. They support big government AND war. Gee, that’s a new political paradigm.