Get lost, LOST

The United Nations’ decades-old scheme to set up an international authority to tax Americans at the same time they take control of over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface — the Law of the Sea Treaty — is getting a lot of attention in Washington. That attention is what we fought to achieve, and it is exactly what the internationalists behind Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) wanted to avoid. They hoped to sneak this flawed treaty through the Senate while no one was looking.Since our last update, March 16, 2004, both the Senate Committee on Armed Services and the House Committee on International Relations have held hearings on LOST.

Congressman Ron Paul and 13 of his House colleagues sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist pointing out threats to American sovereignty and national security problems contained in this “terribly flawed treaty.” The Bookings Institution sponsored a briefing.The gloves are off! Pro-LOST forces are fighting back with display ads in Capitol Hill newspapers urging ratification of LOST. Pro-LOST lobbyists have picked up their pace in the halls of Congress. House members who favor LOST have circulated a letter urging quick ratification by the Senate, and the pro-U.N. Citizens for Global Solutions (formerly known as the World Federalist Society) is pushing hard for ratification.Hearing first hand what the pro-LOST forces said in their formal presentations, as well as overhearing some “off-the-record” comments, I can tell you that they are not happy. They expected the Senate to have quietly ratified LOST by now. They never expected Americans who live outside Washington’s Beltway to know what was going on and get in their way….

Those same Senate sources have asked us to continue urging our U.S. senators to oppose ratification as a countermeasure to the pro-LOST campaign.Learn why, as Steve Forbes recently wrote, “Sensible senators should strangle this resurrected beast.” Then, take action to counter the pro-LOST propaganda.

I have an idea. How about simply throw LOST, the UN and the Senators who support both into the sea. It seems a good place for them. I’m thinking somewhere in the Marianas Trench.