Can’t trust those shoddy newspapers

Joseph Farah writes:What can one say about such sloppy journalism? Does it make you angry? Were the editors at the Boston Globe repentant? Guess what? The staff at the Boston Globe was furious at WorldNetDaily for exposing their gaffe. Within minutes of the posting of the story, the Globe reporter and editors were angrily demanding WND editors retract the story, pull it from the website, make it go away.

Why? The reporter first told WND editors that our reporter, Sherrie Gossett, had not identified herself as a journalist. After Gossett produced e-mails in which she clearly identified herself as a journalist and offered up links to four previous stories she had written on the subject of the bogus rape photos in an effort to help the Globe, the story changed….such was the level of embarrassment at the Boston Globe that staffers were grasping at straws this week in an effort to cover their own shame.

This tells you all you need to know about the mainstream media. First, their reporters and editors are too dumb to even recognize basic Internet porn. You’ll notice I never once wrote about those “rape” pictures, mostly because I figured that Iraqi women seldom have blonde hair or implants. Second, they’re dumb enough to think that maybe if they ignore it, they can make it disappear. No doubt they were planning to have their ombudsman make a circumspect statement on page 28 six weeks from now. This head-in-the-sand response may have worked back in the pre-Internet era, but it won’t cut it now.

The arrogance of demanding that someone else hold his tongue about your own blatant mistakes is breathtaking. Here’s to Mr. Farah and his willingness to tell the Globe to take a hike.