The next to roll

From the Star Tribune: [Lutheran Reverend] Erdahl continues to favor ordaining gays and lesbians but recognizes that there are legitimate arguments on both sides. “We have room in the church for biblical literalists, and no one has kicked them out,” he said. “Can’t we also have room for those who say the Bible is more poetic or symbolic? I think we need room on this issue, too. We need to find a way through this. The real problem is legalism and those who say there is no room for anyone but people with my view. I hope we don’t go down the road the Methodists have gone down.”

Clearly he’d prefer the Episcopalian road of self-destruction. If people were hungry for literary criticism, they’d attend pretentious poetry seminars, not church. Can’t we have room for Christians who don’t believe the Bible? Can’t we have room for Christians who don’t believe in Jesus Christ? Can’t we have room for Christians who aren’t Christians at all?

The answer is no. That’s not legalism, that’s reality. Clearly Erdahl would have a major problem with anyone who would be so intolerant to say that his way is the only way. Who ordained this joker?