Mailvox: Aliens and Austrian economics

D69 writes: What are the [multiculturalists] going to say when we are ALL confronted with the evidence from the U.S. Army VRTs (Vehicle Recovery Team) that they have cataloged up to 57 species of ETs. That includes at least three types of “greys”, the majority being mostly “humanoid” in basic DNA structure.

First, let me say that based on my understanding of the world, this sounds completely insane. However, knowing that my Christian worldview is, from a strictly secular point of view, almost equally crazy, I’m inclined to be open-minded about the possibility that there is, indeed, some sort of X-Files conspiracy about the existence of intelligent alien life. Do I believe aliens exist? Absolutely not. But can I dismiss the possibility with certainty? Not as surely as I can dismiss the socialist belief that it is possible to adequately simulate market pricing, and let’s face it, there’s millions of people who believe that despite thousands of years of economic evidence to the contrary. You can no more violate the laws of supply and demand than you can violate the laws of gravity. Work around them, yes, but ignore them? No.

I mean, if you consider that our monetary masters believe that running a fractional reserve banking system with 0.009174312 reserves and an almost incalcuable mountain of debt is going to turn out well, all history of debt and money aside, a belief in alien conspiracy suddenly appears a lot less outlandish than before. But before you scoff at something about which you cannot possibly have any information, keep this in mind: what everyone assumes to be true will eventually be proved wrong. This has been true in every era.

As for the multicultis, I don’t know what they’ll say about aliens, except to defend the right of some whack-job to have sex with them.