Mailvox: mental deflowering

MS writes: It amazes me that you think you are going to fool a conservative into thinking that you are the principled opponent of the Republican Party. Some how you and FARA are the Martin Luther’s of the conservative movement? You are so wise and knowing and the rest of us are just sheep humming along on the Republican Paddy wagon that has captured our minds and fooled us into thinking we are different then the DNC Nazi’s? You are the type of person that will bring the new world order into the realm of being. You will eventually ignore God and then you will deny him.

The twisted idea that we will ever again be at peace with the muslim world, that we should worry what any one thinks, or in your case that GW just is not Conservative enough is what will eventually ring in the thousand years of real tribulation. This tribulation will be the submission of decent honest Americans to the Liberal agenda, a godless state and then the eventual defeat and submission to the Islamic nation. You already flinched and have started the long spiral and gloomy road joined by the left in the 1920’s. Thank you for nothing.If I have offended thee O’ Great savior of conservatism, than come and curse this 18 year military veteran. I have earned the right to tell ya to go f— yourself.

What’s truly amazing is how this little screed demonstrates the ability of the human mind to rationalize its beliefs. If I understand this correctly, MS insists that A) George Bush is a true conservative, B) Failure to support him is tantamount to denying God, C) Failure to support him indicates one’s move to the left and submission to the liberal agenda. The idea that George Bush is a conservative because he is kind of willing to sort of engage in a little use of force that is NOT NOT NOT war on Islam is an interesting one, seeing that WWI, WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam were all inaugurated by good conservative Republicans such as Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman and LBJ.

From this description, you’d think that I was the one kowtowing to the UN, sacrificing national sovereignty to outside authorities, creating new entitlements, expanding central government and signing into law unconstitutional restrictions on political speech. I’m not offended, of course, for this is nothing more than the angry reaction of an innocent exposed to an uncomfortable truth. And even if I was so inclined, there’s no need to curse someone who is about to go through the very unpleasant experience of having his eyes opened to the world around him.