Mailvox: the worst hatemail ever

Lisa writes: Though, true, the Republican Party may not notice your withdrawal, Republicans do. Miss Mercer I will not miss, yourself and Mr. Farah are another issue. And though I will not join you, at this juncture, I will wish you a fond farewell and God Speed in the hopes that those of you who choose that path will lead the political landscape to the right. If nothing else, perhaps you all will provide some anchorage to at least slow or stop the left tilt. As I said, though I do not join your split, I really hope that it helps. And, I believe it might. Good luck.

Well, that’s just, really nice. I’m sorry to disappoint LD and others who, after reading today’s column, requested that I post hate mail from irritated GOPhers. Lisa is correct, though, in her optimism that ex-Republicans can pull the Republican party to the right. The Greens and Naderites have done so on the other side of the political spectrum, and certainly, the Republican leadership just demonstrated very clearly in the case of the Specter nomination that it is not the least bit interested in what those conservatives and libertarians remaining in the party have to say.