I’m shocked

Katherine Lopez writes on NRO: A-PLUS I was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night and think the president did a perfect job.

I pay precisely zero attention to these sorts of things, but K-Lo’s review caught my attention because this is the sort of review that she and Peggy Noonan write after every State of the Union address. Then, of course, by the time the next one rolls around, Robert Novak is talking about how the president must avoid the disaster of the previous one. I’m sure the president is a good-humored guy and all, but what is with this need to gush and fawn?

She’s very sound on the unfortunate accident of history that is Maureen Dowd, though. One thing I noticed in the critique she linked to is that Dowd and Neil Cavuto use precisely the same monotonously repetitive and massively annoying wordplay in their commentaries. What some find enthralling, I find appalling. I can’t even watch Cavuto, because always knowing what the second half of the sentence is going to be causes me actual physical discomfort. It’s like Doctor Seuss for adults.