Robert Alt writes on NRO: While a number of networks chose to air graphic scenes from Fallujah, one deserves special mention. Charlie Ryan and Rachel Levin of NBC contacted military officials in Baghdad immediately after the events in Fallujah to request an interview with a group of soldiers. A Coalition military source confirmed that the crew wished to show soldiers a graphic video of the events in Fallujah, and to record the soldiers’ responses. When military officials objected for obvious reasons to this Clockwork Orange proposal, the NBC reporters were incredulous, suggesting that the idea was somehow appropriate because the victims were not soldiers.

As if there wasn’t enough reason to turn off the ABCNNBCBS cabal already. I absolutely HATE the news technique of sticking a microphone in the face of someone who has just experienced a personal tragedy, and the reporter asking in a fake compassionate voice: “how do you feel about your parents dying in a freak opening of a Dho-Nha gate in their microwave?” This is nothing but the worst emotional porn. Emotional vampires – someone should drive a stake through their parasitic hearts.