Mailvox: Compensating

Jeff comments: When violence is used to preserve life or the life of a loved one, it is justified. When violence is used as part of a greater purpose, say to preserve our God given human rights in the face of a tyrranical government, it is justifed. But violent reaction to being screwed over by a radio talk show host, is out of line…unless your balls are so small that you can’t take it.

Of course, this leaves out violence for sheer enjoyment’s sake. But Jeff’s reference to the purportedly miniscule size of my genitals reminds me of a story – now there’s a start! Space Bunny and I were lifting weights one afternoon, and I happened to be throwing up a pair of 75s for a few reps of dumbbell shoulder press. One of the women who was a weight room regular yelled out: “what are you compensating for?” To which I responded, loudly, “small penis!”

A shocked silence filled the room as everyone stopped what they were doing and looked right at Space Bunny. She smiled, nodded and held her thumb about an inch away from her index finger, at which point everyone cracked up. Now, there’s a girl!