The Senate he deserves… and wants

From the Washington Times: Mr. Toomey, a conservative who had limited himself to three terms in the House, came from far behind in polls to run almost even with Mr. Specter, a liberal four-term incumbent supported by President Bush, fellow Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and other key Republican lawmakers in the state. With outside groups spending freely in the race, it became a referendum on the strength of each wing of the party.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your Republican Party! Not that I was before, but it’s now impossible to be sympathetic to arguments that the president is hamstrung by Congress. I have to believe that Mr. Bush’s endorsement was worth more than the 16,000-vote margin of victory for Senator Specter of Scotland nee’ Pennsylvania. What’s that again about George Delano being a secret conservative? My guess is that he moves even further to the left after he wins re-election, which he will do thanks to the increasingly hapless Jean-Francois.

I must say that Kerry is simply magnificent to watch from afar. He’s the Keystone Kandidate that we’ve been missing ever since Perot hung up his charts.