NRO: The Movie

Katherine Lopez writes on NRO:The first time I saw and heard Jack Black, true story, I thought “He would have to play Jonah in a movie.” I’m pondering the Stuttaford. I think I’d pick more of a Hugh Grant. Derbyshire as Derbyshire is perfect. I think I’d actually want Walken for Derb if Derb were unavailable. I’d lol hysterically at the J-Lo if it weren’t so predictable. The list isn’t all-inclusive of course. Steve Martin for Brookhiser (thinking academic yet adventurous type). Sharon Stone as KOB. DeNiro as Ed Capano. Keanu Reeves as Ramesh. Keith Oberman as Peter Robinson. Robin Williams as WFB.

Is there a thinking man’s Vin Diesel? With Italian shoes, of course.