Welcome, new visitors

Sitemeter seems to indicate that we have a few new folks dropping by today. Please make yourselves comfortable and feel free to peruse the archives and make a comment or two. Don’t mind the Pan-Galactic Gargler he’s always like that. Try to stay out of the way of the White Buffalo, and the hot blonde in black is Space Bunny. If you’re looking for those other blogs I mentioned in today’s column, they’re right here:

Blackfive: the Paratrooper of Love

From the Halls to the Shores

Citizen Smash

Mises Economics Blog

The Evangelical Outpost

UPDATE: Don’t mind the regulars. They can get a little weird from time to time, but I promise you, we do often have intelligent and scintillating debates here. However, the comments following this particular post do not happen to be among them. As was once said of Camelot, it is a silly place. Nota Bene: if someone carrying an M-60 happens to grunt at you, just smile, say “nice to meet you, Bane” and back away slowly. If you don’t show fear, turn your back or speak poorly of the USMC, you should survive the encounter.