Personal instruction

First-year English teacher Phillip J. Fox, 23, of Groton, was arrested April 13 on charges of fourth-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Police opened the investigation after receiving a complaint that Fox had sexual contact with a female student at the school. Last year, math teacher David G. Simonin, 53, of Watertown, was arrested during an Internet porn sting. He resigned and is out on bond as the investigation continues. And in 2001, history teacher Bret P. Devino, 30, of Waterbury, was charged with having sex with a teenage student and sexually assaulting another. He was fired and has completed a jail sentence…. “Parents shouldn’t be overly worried, as long as they know we’re on top of this,” said Sgt. Fred Sprano, who is head of the police department’s youth division.

Now there’s an unfortunate turn of phrase. But I don’t see why parents should be concerned about this either. After all, the school district was promising their children would receive sex education from the start. You’d think these conscientious teachers, who are willing to provide hands-on personal instruction, would be awarded medals, not arrested. If they are guilty of anything, they are only guilty of giving too much.