Mailvox: suitcase nukes

Hudson comments: “But the truth is that at this point, the jihad is not yet a direct threat to America’s existence.” Uh Huh. By the way, anyone seen those unaccounted for suitcase nukes around anywhere?

Do you think that the suitcase nukes would be any less a threat to America if the global jihad did not exist? Does America have no other enemies? Furthermore, from a historical point of view, the loss of a city or two does not rise to the level of imperiling the nation’s existence – from external forces. Many, many countries have lost entire cities through destruction or enemy occupation and survived. The fact that America is so fortunate as to not have experienced this does not change the fact that such attacks are eminently survivable for the vast majority of the citizenry.

I can, of course, envision a scenario where a suitcase nuke or three is planted, justifying a martial law situation that could, in the wrong hands, extinguish what we know as America. Moreover, the global jihad need not be involved, unless one requires a plausible patsy. But an internal threat such as that would be conspiracy theory of the first order, and that way lies madness. The point is that by itself, the global jihad is not yet in a position to win its war against America, nor will it be for at least another 50 years. As a nation, we are in no serious danger from the jihad until Europe falls. At that point, however, there will be a real question as to whether the war is winnable. But it is not winnable as it is now being fought either; this is nothing but a delaying action and, more than anything, a warning shot.