Examples of media stupidity

1. Predictions of blood-bath every time carry laws are discussed. Never happens in any state.

2. Static tax revenue models. They’re always surprised when tax hikes don’t bring in expected revenue.

3. Stadium financing. Every economic study shows public-funded stadiums don’t boost local economy. This never stops sportswriters from claiming a pot of gold awaits the next tax-increment financed structure.

4. Political spectrum. Everything is posed as progressive vs. conservative, no matter what the status quo.

5. No coverage of adult or Christian entertainment, which combined equate to at least 30 percent of the entertainment industry. Entertainment coverage reads like a pretentious, outdated Tiger Beat.

6. Covering the WNBA. The league is a pure parasite and arena football has a bigger following.

7. Refusing to recognize, much less serve, the conservative 50 percent of their potential market.

8. Quoting government bureaucrats as legal experts. They get played every single time.

9. An almost complete ignorance of ancient, medieval and modern history. Quite impressive, really.