Monaco 3 Chelsea 1

I’m not sure which amuses me more, that Champion’s League score or the notion that Rivaldo might sign with Bolton. For American sports fans, the latter is as if KG was out of contract and decided to sign with a second-tier European basketball team. I mean, he’s the best player on the reigning World Cup champions, and he can’t find a spot in Spain or Italy? Bizarre, even if he was redundant at Milan.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s payroll is higher than an NBA team’s, while the average age of Monaco’s squad, which seldom manages to compete for the third-rate French title, is about 19. I think I’ll have to cheer for Monaco in the final assuming they can hold off Abramovitch’s collection of overpriced all-stars in the second game.

I know there’s an NFL draft today. But I’m a Vikings fan. I prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist, rather than contemplate just how they’re going to screw things up this time.