Rage against the dying of the light

Zephyron despairs: “Third Party” candidates have no chance to win. Every campaign finance reform bill drives the nail a little deeper into the coffin. Even if a good third party candidate was getting major support, the lap dog press would run a merciless smear campaign against him. Winning under those circumstances would be impossible. There are too many trust and parrot dummies in America. The Republic is on it’s death bed. I wish it were not so…

Yes, the Republic is on its death bed, assuming it isn’t dead already. The fact that our third-generation leaders don’t wear the purple and take turns playing Caesar only means that the modern Triumverate has not yet revealed itself fully. So what? Let us show them how a Republic dies. Vote Libertarian. Vote Constitution. Vote your conscience and your principles. Don’t let it happen without protest. They cannot claim assent when you will not support them.

There was an inspiring t-shirt I saw in a shop when I was a child. It showed a huge eagle swooping down on a mouse, claws extended. The mouse was not cringing in fear, but standing up boldly and extending a single digit towards the sky. It was captioned “The last great act of defiance.”