Come and kill it

I really don’t understand the phenomenon of leaving one place because you don’t like it, then working to make the place to which you’ve escaped more like your previous place. I was reading George Will’s column, which mentioned that Arizona is becoming more liberal because of Californians fleeing the disaster that liberals have made of California. I’ve seen a similar phenomenon in Florida, where people move from the North because they like the sun and low taxes, then immediately begin complaining that the public services are not as all-ecompassing and why doesn’t Florida just institute a state income tax so that the state government can provide [fill-in-the blank] like their old state does.

Either embrace your new culture or stay home. It’s that simple. I hate The Gap on every corner phenomenon. That doesn’t mean we should ban it, but at least think twice before you go buy an overpriced fake Italian coffee at Starbucks and consider patronizing the local coffee shop on the corner instead. And forget The Gap. Their clothes are the epitome of bland and boring anyhow.