Arsenal is awesome

Watching Arsenal this season reminds me of the 1998 Vikings. Every time they break forward with the ball, the crowd hushes just like when Randy Moss would go deep and Randall Cunningham put the ball in the air. They play the prettiest passing game in the world, they attack mercilessly and without hesitation, and they are totally unselfish. In the process of destroying dirty Leeds today, they had four lightning-quick one-touch passes leading up to a one-time strike and goal by Pires. It’s like watching a finely tuned machine transform itself into a work of art.

Their utter confidence is brilliant too. After a hand ball led to a penalty, Henry chipped a soft lob directly at where the goalie had been standing a moment earlier. But the goalie had already dived to the side and had to lie there watching the ball float over him. That’s total self-assurance. 24-0-9 after today… the Premiership should be in the bag, but here’s hoping they can finish the season undefeated.