What are you waiting for?

DU writes: The people who are ruled by emotion rather than intellect, who compare the reality of the present with some kind of utopian vision of perfection, will always have a reason why whatever has been done is not enough.

That’s surely true. But it is utterly absurd to argue that a great deal has been accomplished, when the majority of the Republican effort has actually gone towards making things worse. In other words, the Toad Swallowers are not even bothering to pretend anymore. And where is the emotional argument? The only Republican defense is entirely based on fear – vote Republican or the evil scary Democrats will get you! Boo!

I expect that you’ll come around eventually, DU. I’ve seen far too many people who have argued exactly the same points that you have do so to believe that you won’t. What is amusing is that I heard them pre-2000 from a number of new ex-Republicans. My argument is not the least bit based on emotion. In fact, I daresay that it is ruthlessly cold logic, fully accepting that things will almost surely get worse before they get better. As hard as it is for me to believe this, it will obviously take at least four more years of Republican rule for most conservatives to start realizing that they have been fooled again.

I’ve already stated what it would take to bring me back to the Republican Party, so here’s my question to DU and other staunch party loyalists. What will it take for you to abandon the party? A law requiring human sacrifice and 100 percent taxation would presumably do it for almost everyone, while it’s clear that a massive increase in federal spending and complete disrespect for the Constitution won’t. What, specifically, are you waiting for?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. I’m just curious.