A test for our friend Able

Actually, it’s just an amusing little poli-spectrum test. It’s not serious and mistakenly describes libertarians as libertines, but some of the characterizations are quite good. Here’s my favorite two:

17: For what offenses should unlimited asset forfeiture become standard operating procedure?

CONS: Drug dealing.

LIBL: Insider securities trading.

LBRT: Nothing.

COMM: Being too successful in the marketplace.

56: What are the responsibilities of all good citizens?

CONS: Pay some taxes, begrudgingly.

LIBL: Pay lots of taxes for the betterment of all mankind- without whining.

LBRT: Fight foreign invaders on American soil.

COMM: Unquestioned obedience.

For some reason, that last one cracks me up, as it beautifully lampoons the way in which libertarians strike both Republicans and Democrats as being completely over-the-top out there. And then, the Communist answer is the perfect follow-through.