I’m with Rich, sort of

Rich Lowry, the editor of the conservative journal National Review and another past Franken target, said he was interested in Franken’s efforts on Air America, but not enough to tune in. He did acknowledge that Air America could find an audience.

I’m not interested enough to tune in either. But I don’t think it will find enough of an audience to survive, nor do I think that radio will continue to hold interest for Alice. He won’t be happy being a third-tier radio host; unless he can hit the level of stardom of a Rush or O’Reilly, he’ll be too proud to continue.

Anyone got that call-in number yet? Wouldn’t it be funny if he’s too chicken to take calls?

UPDATE: the call-in number is 1-866-303-2270. Don’t miss the chance to call in and ask when he’s going to defend the manhood of the Democratic Party and answer my challenge. I can’t imagine that you’ll ever get through, but at least someone will get the message to him. Vox Day, Minnesota Mensa and Universal Press Syndicate, is looking for a piece of him. Debate, fight-club rules or both, anytime.