G2 Intelligence

Joseph Farah’s intelligence briefing reports that the jihad is getting very excited about Paul Muad’dib making an appearance soon. Here’s a few of the predictions that appear to have been made by jihadist prophets.

Two European countries will be attacked.

Spain and Italy, I would assume.

Another attack is planned against the U.S.

I don’t know that you need to be a serious prophet to call that one.

Followers are asked to get rid of euros and as true Muslims replace them with gold.

So maybe THAT explains the recent pop from 390 to 423. Rampant inflation plus the gold dinar equals buy gold.

A mass gathering of jihad warriors is expected in the cities of the twin holy mosques Mecca and Medina.

I’m wondering just how keen those warriors will be on showing for this mass gathering subsequent to the Sheikh Yassin affair last week.