Clarification requested

Before I can work out an opinion of where these issues stand in light of the various political strains, I need some additional information on a few of these, AA. Let me know when you can. If I didn’t mention one, I felt that the issue was clear.

2. Racism

I’m assuming this means a ban on racism by public and private parties? Or is the government permitted a monopoly? Not being sarcastic here, the federal government has plenty of monopolies these days such as the mail and printing money.

3. Education – particularly education reform.

Does this mean reforming public education, private education or what?

4. An individual’s right to choose what he or she does with his or her own body

Is this referring primarily to abortion, or also to a right to die as well as freedom to use any drug?

6. The environment

I’m assuming this means protecting it by giving government title over wilderness areas as well as the ability to regulate private land use.

7. Wellfare/Wellfare reform

Keep welfare but make it more efficient?

8. Prison reform/death penalty

I don’t know what this means. There’s a number of possibilities. Make the death penalty more equitable? Ban it?

10. Removing bureaucracy from government

I’m assuming this means a goal of making government more efficient, doing more with less?