There’s no surprise

Ann Coulter’s column today is a demolition of Richard Clarke and whatever shards of credibility he might have despite failing, by his own admission, to defend the nation against terrorism in not one, but two administrations. And the notion that the media would spike coverage of an anti-Clinton book upon request/command while trumpeting an anti-Bush book to the heavens is hardly news. But Ann sounds almost surprised that the left-loving press would enthusiastically embrace something that can’t possibly be true.

The thing that conservatives often have a hard time getting their brains around is that left-liberals are both evil and functionally stupid. It’s not either/or, it’s both. This is the typical liberal argument:

1. Make a statement that is demonstrably untrue, (usually out of ignorance, not deceit).

2. After proof is given that the statement is untrue, argue that the underlying point did not require the statement to be true.

3. After being walked – slowly – through a train of logic demonstrating that the point did, in fact, require the statement to be true, state that there are other facts, which unfortunately cannot be cited, that do support the underlying point.

4. After it is pointed out that there is no reason to accept these unidentified facts given the now-proven unreliability of the source, attack the secret motivations of the person who has been methodically destroying the argument.

5. After it is patiently explained that a) the person has no secret motivations, and b) the liberal started the entire conversation in the first place, say that it’s all irrelevant and attempt to change the subject.

The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives, and I am neither, is that conservatives can be convinced of something that is in opposition to a position they hold by reason and logic. Often they won’t be, but it is at least possible. A liberal cannot be so convinced to change his mind, because the foundation of his opinions is his emotion. Some of the most accomplished escape artists I know are my liberal friends, who will redefine a well-understood word as many as four times in a single conversation in a desperate attempt to evade the logic of their own words.