Mailvox: Vox can speak for himself, thanks

Jamsco writes: Vox says: Home Schooled Students do much better than PS Students

Debater says: My kids are in public schools and they are doing fine or better than HS students.

Vox actually says, anecdotal evidence. 49 percent of all public school students are doing better than the average, so what? Are they developing to their intellectual potential or not? That’s the question, and one Debater is unlikely to be able to answer in the affirmative.

Vox says: But you don’t know how your kids are being indoctrinated.

Debater is aware of what his kids are being taught and says: My kids aren’t being indoctrinated.

Vox says: I’ve got these condemning quotes Dewey and Harris that show that public schools were created to indoctrinate

Debater points out that these quotes are a century old and suggests that things are different now.

Vox actually says, no, Debater, you have no clue. The primary purpose for public schooling is to control the social development of children and cripple their intellectual independence. This is the basic goal of education – the subsumption of the individual – and nothing has changed since it was first articulated. There are older quotes and newer quotes, and the base purpose remains the same. Most people are not capable of recognizing systematic indoctrination anyhow. It’s not usually quite as obvious as in the Soviet Union.

Vox pulls out the big guns and suggests that he read Gatto, a more recent source.

Debater does and sees that the book is rhetoric and propaganda from a bitter former employer

Propaganda serving what purpose? Why would a highly honored employee be bitter about the institution which rewarded and lionized him?

Vox says: It’s not propaganda, that’s how the schools are now run.

Debater 2, a PS teacher with 20 years experience says: No, that’s not how schools are run. Debater 2 is not surprised that there are some former employees who are bitter with PSs.

Most teachers have little idea of the purpose of their grand enterprise, nor do they understand the significance of their own actions. This is not surprising, as teachers generally hail from the dregs of the educated classes. One would not expect second lieutenants to have any real notion of what is going on in the high strategic circles. Furthermore, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from a plethora of sources supporting Gatto’s description of how and why schools are run as they are.

Vox pulls out the bigger guns and says: But Public School Systems were crucial to the Social Models of the last century.

Debater 2 says: American Public schools have different goals than the Nazi party.

Vox says – No they don’t. Look at the Education Union Websites.

Debater 2 does and isn’t bother by what he sees there, largely because his politics aren’t the same as Vox’s

The fact that Debater 2 is sympathetic to the societal goals of the historical National Socialist party hardly disproves my point. That alone should suffice to wake up ignorant public school advocates, who have no idea that socialist societal engineering is what they are signing their children up for when they put them in Debater 2’s hands. Furthermore, Debater’s I and II make statements that only indicate their lack of ability to see and understand what is happening right in front of them. This doesn’t surprise me in the least, as most people fail to recognize the obvious, let alone that which is intentionally kept out of the public eye as much as is reasonably possible.