Doggerel is fun

JM comments: Congratulation on this week’s article! What a blast! I don’t know which newspapers carry you, but wherever they are you can be sure that armies of scissors will be marching.

I thought the homeschooling crowd might like it. And after all, it’s better to show your child how to be creative than tell them to do it. I’ve started to enjoy poetry a little more as I’ve gotten older – not a lot – and I’ll still read the prose renditions of the Iliad over the poetic ones, but I rather like Spenser and Byron.

In addition to that incident with the White Buffalo, Big Chilly and the little Lizard Girl, I did commit one other poetic crime in college. I submitted a short, but profoundly offensive poem that was not entirely bad in a modernist sense, and it was accepted for publication in the university’s yearly poetry journal. Half the volunteer staff quit over it in protest, which amused me to no end.