A random idea

In looking up that old column on Sullivan and Kinsley, I noticed that I’d completely forgotten about a number of old columns. And since WND Books has little interest in substantive books dealing with theory of the sort I’m interested in writing – not to blame them, as apparently America really wants to read nothing more than the random jottings of radio show hosts – I was wondering how many people might be interested in a collection of the best ones, with perhaps a chapter or two devoted to selections from this blog.

I have a friend who has a book printing and binding business, and I was thinking that if enough people were interested, I might look into doing a small 250-unit print run. He did a book on Tuscan wines that was really nice – remembering that got me thinking about the possibility. I’m not thinking of it as something to try to bump Sean Hannity off the bestseller lists, but more as a historical record of sorts. It’s not a vanity project to get my name in print, I got over that thrill two books ago.

And then, there’s the inevitable question. Paperback or hardcover? Fancy leather-bound collector’s edition or simple political style book, with the de rigeur head-and-shoulders shot superimposed over the American flag? I suppose a mockery of that using the classic Gadsden flag would be more appropriate. There will, of course, be a special Rebel version for Nate, complete with an autographed .357 hollow point.

I think I’d call it Live Free or Else.