Warming the seat of Sauron

Okay, I added those who’ve requested it to the Reader Blogroll. And not to worry, Sarah, if I am ever named to the post of Planetary Dark Lord, I’m planning for my minions to run a little less on lines of deeply contemplative intellectual narcissism and be cut generally in the Marisa Miller/Veronica Verikova brain-optional mode. The standard uniform will, of course, be that of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

I’d probably be fiction’s worst Dark Lord:

“Sir, what shall we do?”

“Obviously, my dear Dark Captain, you’re mistaking me for someone who cares.”

“But, great and mighty Dark Lord, shall we not blow the great horn of Hayek, summon our forces and crush the armies of the West?”

“If you like, as long as you don’t bother anybody. And leave the poor armies of the West alone. Don’t hassle anybody who doesn’t feel like showing either.”