Mailvox: Pyloctomy

Double-M writes: Talk about splitting hairs! I see Vox’s views like this: He would let his Libertarian views run worldly / political affairs and his Christian ones run his personal affairs. There aren’t neccessarily any contradictions. He would let it be legal to whore about and get high on any substance, but as a Christian would preach against it and avoid it himself. Vox, am I right here?

This is absolutely correct. You see, I believe there is a difference between legality and morality. Those who insist on conflating the two quickly find themselves in the position of either a) jailing adulterers – good luck with your police-state – or b) having to defend death camp operators who were acting in full obedience of the law.

Some might call this hair-splitting. I see it as a clear distinction between obeying God and obeying Man.