She shoots Glock, you know

LD writes: Based on your column, would you be willing to go so far as to divorce Space Bunny in the legal/state sense to uphold the principles you state in your column? Had you thought it through all the way at the time, would you have legally married her or just had a church wedding? Of course that may have been exactly what you did and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

While I could care less about the state’s opinion of my marital status, I am extremely dubious that Space Bunny would be quite as nonchalant about it – just asked her, in fact, she says forget it. She’s fairly radical herself, though, and says that had we thought about it beforehand, it wouldn’t have bothered her in the least to bag the license. I have a close Christian friend who’s getting married this summer and they’re not bothering to get the state’s approval.

To be honest, I’d never thought about the matter until the whole gay marriage debate started. That got me wondering why the state was involved.