Blue flag rising

Frank Gaffney writes on NRO: John Kerry wants a world in which the United Nations calls the shots and U.S. freedom of action, in the absence of the U.N.’s permission, is sharply circumscribed. Most Americans recognize that this would be a formula for disaster — a world in which the lowest-common-multilateral-denominator would routinely trump, and often jeopardize, our security interests.

President George W. Bush’s supporters believe that he rejects this Kerry-Clinton worldview. They look forward to a national election in which voters get to choose between his Reaganesque philosophy of peace through American strength and Kerry’s U.N. uber alles. So why would the Bush administration be pushing for the ratification of a treaty that will make a giant leap towards John Kerry’s world?

Occam’s Razor would suggest that this is because George Delano doesn’t actually reject this Kerry-Clinton worldview. You see, George Delano is a politician, and politicians have this habit of saying things that they do not, in fact, mean.

LOST creates the International Seabed Authority (ISA) — a supranational organization with unprecedented powers. These include the power to: regulate seven-tenths of the world’s surface area, levy international taxes, impose production quotas (for deep-sea mining, oil production, etc.), govern ocean research and exploration, and create a multinational court to render and enforce its judgments. Some even aspire to giving the U.N. some of our warships so it can have “blue hulls” — to go along with its “blue helmets” — to ensure that the ISA’s edicts are obeyed.

If he supports this treaty, the president will make it very clear that he has more interest in UN sovereignty than he does in defending the national interests of the United States. Once the UN tax arrives, global government will soon follow.