That’s true

Burt Prelusky points out: The fact that we’re not a theocracy does not make their case [that America is not a Christian nation], no matter how loudly they may insist on it. When we say that Turkey, for instance, is an Islamic nation and that India is Hindu and that Italy is Catholic, although none of them is a theocratic state, how can we deny that America, whose population is overwhelmingly Christian – and is only 2 percent Jewish – is Christian?!

I think there’s room to argue this, in that many people who consider themselves Christian on the basis of the fact that their parents attended a Lutheran church or whatever are actually not Christians by the Biblical definition of a Christian as one who has been baptized and believes with his heart and confesses with his tongue that Jesus Christ is Lord. But Prelusky is correct; many countries that are blithely considered to have a religious affiliation are every bit as secular as the United States. It’s a good point, and I’m rather surprised that I never considered this sooner.