Mailvox: It’s always Microsoft’s fault

Double-M writes: I really enjoy your stuff. I use to identify myself as a Christian Republican, but your articles opened my eyes. After a cataloging of my beliefs, I have changed to identify myself as a Christian Libertarian. I try to read the blog everyday, but whenever I miss a couple of days I can’t read your past posts. The blogspot will not show any information in the body that is below the links on the left side of the page. Is it a cause of Internet Explorer?

It sure is. If you insist on sticking with the second-greatest servitor of the digital Devil, switch your text size to smallest and everything will work fine. Alternatively, download Opera or Mozilla – you get pop-up blockers too, which is nice – and experience the problems nevermore. Or, just make a habit of stopping by every day. That’s okay too.

Oh, and according to Salon, that would make you a “self-styled Christian Libertarian”, by the way. Welcome to the club.