Mailvox: Totally missing the point

DC writes: Brilliant Vox…Official voices of Iran, al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah and Saudi Arabia never had any issues with the United States of America before the EVIL Bush Administration came along, right??? Nice try, get real!!! If we bring our boys home…the war will be in your f’n front yard.

Did you miss the little bit about the war being declared on the United States since the 1970s? And perhaps it escapes you that the Bush administration is quite noticeably not fighting Iran, the PA, Hezbollah or Saudi Arabia? In fact, until very recently, the federal government was sending tens of millions of dollars to the PA.

The Bush administration is engaged the equivalent of invading and occupying Bavaria while leaving the rest of Nazi Germany alone. This leaves two choices. Either declare and fight the entire war properly or get out. There is no sign whatsoever that the administration or the nation are prepared to discuss, much less seriously consider the former, therefore the latter is the only logical solution.