The false analogy

The equation of postwar Iraq with post-WWII Germany is just a terrible analogy.

1. Troops were initially stationed in Germany to provide basic police and border missions and after 1948, to prevent the Soviets from overrunning Western Europe. The force was formed in 1946 and known as the US Constabulary.

2. The foreign jihadists waging war against the Iraqi occupation don’t equate very well to the Nazi Kameraden of the Werewolf die-hards. Many of them weren’t in Iraq before or during the war and never had any loyalty to the now-deposed Baathist regime.

3. Iraq is only part of the Arab-Islamic world that opposes the US. It’s as if we conquered Bavaria and tried to declare game over in WWII by occupying it, except that this would be an exaggeration. Iraq, unlike Bavaria, was not the richest, most powerful or most influential part of the Arab-Islamic world, nor the territory from which violent Islamic expansion began.

4. Our troops are not, for the most part, actively involved in hunting down and eliminating the opposition in Iraq. Try talking to the actual soldiers instead of basing your opinons on what you think the troops there are doing. They spend far more time watching, tracking and defending and providing Constabulary-type services.