Pragmatic suicide

The Washington Times reports: Religious conservatives helped Ronald Reagan win the presidency in the 1980s and helped Republicans retake the House and Senate in 1994, but complain that they have little to show for their loyalty to the GOP. “I’m not blaming the president, but religious conservatives have been doing politics for 25 years and, on every front, are worse off on things they care about,” said Gary Bauer, president of American Values. “The gay rights movement is more powerful, the culture is more decadent, the life of not one baby has been saved, porn is in the living room, and you can’t watch the Super Bowl without your hand on the off switch.”

With more than eight months remaining until Election Day, American Family Association founder Don Wildmon said the president “has already upset the economic conservatives, and I know the problem he is having with evangelicals. … There is a major problem there.”

So, let’s see. Economic conservatives are thinking about staying home. Religious conservatives are thinking about staying home. Freedom lovers and those who respect the Constitution are thinking about voting third-party for the first time. Houston, you may want to rethink this pragmatic Big Tent strategy.