Adieu, Howard Dean

And so another one bites the dust. I’m a little disappointed to see Howard go, as he would have been the most entertaining Democratic nominee by far, barring the unlikely enshrining of the cartoon that is the Reverend Al Sharpton. He’s ending with a whimper, not a howl, another disappointment as I was hoping for at least one last fiery speech punctuated by his now-trademark HYEEEAH! Maybe he’ll do us right at the Democratic convention in Boston, although I’m guessing he’ll be overshadowed by newlywed drag queens appearing courtesy of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

It makes absolutely no difference to me if John Francois or George Delano wins the Presidency, nor will it make any difference to the ultimate fate of the United States. Clearly we will have to go further along the road to global citizenship before the American people wake up, if they ever do.