Whores at every level

From the Washington Times: Monday’s vote by the Virginia House of Delegates to increase taxes by $500 million suggests that state politicians are moving toward some kind of consensus in favor of higher taxes. The legislation, passed by a 59-36 vote, was opposed by just six of the 61 Republicans in the 100-member House. The bill increases taxes by taking away sales-tax exemptions from a variety of industries, including airlines, railroads, telecommunications, utility companies and dry cleaners…. Although we would have preferred to have seen Republicans stand firm against tax increases, the reality is that there is no significant number of tax-increase opponents left in Richmond today. Thus, the main order of business for Republicans should be to try to mitigate the damage from tax increases by negotiating with the governor for some off-setting cuts in spending.

So, if they’re for bigger, sorry, STRONGER government and tax increases, what is it that separates Republicans from Democrats again? Note that Republicans have a 61-39 majority in the Virginia House, and that’s still not enough to cut government spending. Can you seriously argue that if only they had a 71-29 majority, or an 81-19 majority, Virginia Republicans would then be motivated to embrace the reality of small government for which they supposedly stand?

I think perhaps we need a 12-step program for Republicans. Step one: I admit that politicians do not always mean what they say….