Space Bunny lights into modern man

She said, and I think reasonably, that she’s sick of men whining about women pushing them around. I totally agree. If a woman tries to shut you down, don’t just take it, shut her down instead. If she wants to play a game, don’t back down, play it to win. As is the case with most negative social developments, there is far more fear out there than is reasonably justified.

As Wendy Shalitt has pointed out, women can never win in a direct verbal confrontation with a man. The only way that they win is when men wave the white flag and run off the field crying that the girls aren’t playing fair. Women don’t like men who act like little girls. And no one, of either sex, respects someone who abandons their position at the first sign of opposition.

PS – I also have to mention that the concept of for whom women are dressing was developed by Space Bunny, not me. She’d be the one NOT wearing the cheerleader outfit.