Hey Mikey, he likes it!

Ian McLeod writes about Headcrash: Just finished the book yesterday. My initial reaction (after a long blackout from side-splitting laughter): “Good God, the Original Cyberpunk is a genius!” I immediately ordered copies for my closest friends… After the end of the week, I’ll get the review written and posted.

I told you it was good stuff. From the mouths of immortals…. And the Original Cyberpunk has been experimenting with ebook formats:

Later last night I had a great deal of fun playing around with the Palm Reader footnote and sidebar functionality. The infonuggets in Headcrash *very* readily convert to footnotes and pop up just the way I’d always imagined they would. I now believe that, ten years ago and utterly without knowing, I *created* that book to be a Palm file.

If anyone else said that, you’d take it with a grain of salt. But coming from a Dick-winner like the Original Cyberpunk, it’s entirely credible.