Don’t solve equations and drive

So I pull into the gas station and a brand new Saab pulls ahead after completing its pit stop, so I slide in and park the car at the pump. I’ve got Linkin Park cranked and no sooner do I turn off the ignition than I see white lights – the Saab is backing up quickly towards me. I hit the horn hard, but to no avail, it doesn’t even hit the brakes – CRUNCH.

The guy was most apologetic and gave me his contact information – I don’t expect any problems on that front and all that needs to be replaced on my car is the front quarter panel. No big deal and he’ll pay for it. Considering that he not only has to foot the bill for my repairs, but his own more extensive ones, I didn’t have the heart to ask what on Earth he was doing backing up in the first place. I’m still puzzled by that as he had a clear path in front of him. But what made me laugh was when I looked at his card. Yep, that explains it, or at least as much of it as can be explained.

He’s an engineer. No idea whatsoever that I was there.